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Enterprise Fiber Broadband

We provide connectivity over our fiber-rich network, delivering affordable, robust performance at multiple speeds tiers. Choose the internet bandwidth that fits your company’s needs. We have speeds for the small business with light internet use or for larger enterprises that engage in large-scale business processes such as internal and external file sharing, streaming video, and e-commerce. Our faster speeds simplify data transfers to the cloud for online backup and make it easier to minimize costs by converging data services over an IP connection.

High Performance Fibre services provide your business with the capacity to support complex, high-bandwidth applications, along with the special requirements of remote workers. A choice of access options deliver the flexibility, scalability and reliability that will keep your business competitively connected to customers, partners and suppliers.

Enterprise Wireless Broadband

Your business relies on fast, reliable network access to get the job done but what if you don’t have direct fiber access? AGNI systems Enterprise solutions can help. Fixed Broadband Wireless Access from AGNI provides an alternative last-mile and metro-area access solution that you can use as your primary network, providing the speed, performance and reliability your business demands without direct fiber access.

AGNI Systems Fixed Broadband Wireless Access is also an excellent redundancy solution that complements your existing wireline network; delivering network access speeds up to 4MBPS. It connects directly to the AGNI nationwide fiber network without the costs or hassle associated with deploying fiber to your location. Fixed Broadband Wireless Access from AGNI is an easy-to-implement, affordable solution that supports a wide range of network services.

Residential Fiber Broadband

If you’re reading this from your home in Bangladesh, you are likely surfing the web at bandwidth speeds of 1-2 Mbps. We are working to increase that speed to at least 150-200Mbps, and ideally 1Gbps. That means internet that is anywhere from 150 times faster. These internet speeds are possible when Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

Think it doesn’t mean a lot to you? Imagine streaming, downloading, communicating at 100 times the speed of your broadband connection today. It means TV quality that never compromises. Internet speeds that never slow down. Fiber to the Home is the internet infrastructure for the 21st century.

Interested? Be sure to contact the new fiber providers on the updated list collected addresses to create a Gigabit Fiber Demand report. We provided our data to both existing and potential Bangladesh Internet Service Providers. ISPs can match the demand data with their own network maps, and determine the best approach for providing customers with Fiber to the Home. All of our demand data is publicly available on this site, to best attract investment from any potential Internet Service Provider. We are one of the best ISP in Metropolitan cities of Bangladesh and we are moving forward with their own follow-up surveys and planning. Contact our 24/7 house customer’s services department for further information on how to get fiber to your home.

Package Name 8 am to 8 pm 8 pm to 8am Download Limit Monthly Charges(Tk Excluding VAT)
Premium Silver 1 MB 2 MB 20 GB 2500
Premium Gold 1.5 MB 5 MB 40 GB 5000
Freedom 1 1.5 MB 3 MB Unlimited 5000
Freedom 2 2 MB 6 MB Unlimited 8000
Freedom 3 3 MB 6 MB Unlimited 9500

Residential Wireless Broadband

With AGNI systems GoBroadBand WiFi, you can stay online with your WiFi enabled mobile phone, laptop, Ipad or PDA from any AGNI systems hotspot, across Dhaka and Chittagong. Simply choose the most convenient payment method and whether you are an AGNI systems customer, a resident in Dhaka using our device visitor to the Chittagong, you can start surfing the web immediately and wirelessly, with our high speed service.

GoBroadBand WiFi is a hassle free, easy-to-use internet access service for use in public areas such as shopping malls, parks and coffee shops. The service is available in locations called ‘hotspots’, where a WiFi network is provided. For further information about our products and services please contact our 24/7 hotline service.


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