Welcome to Agni Systems Limited 24th AGM 2020

Enterprise Wireless Broadband

Your business relies on fast, reliable network access to get the job done but what if you don’t have direct fiber access? AGNI systems Enterprise solutions can help. Fixed Broadband Wireless Access from AGNI provides an alternative last-mile and metro-area access solution that you can use as your primary network, providing the speed, performance and reliability your business demands without direct fiber access.

AGNI Systems Fixed Broadband Wireless Access is also an excellent redundancy solution that complements your existing wireline network; delivering network access speeds up to 4MBPS. It connects directly to the AGNI nationwide fiber network without the costs or hassle associated with deploying fiber to your location. Fixed Broadband Wireless Access from AGNI is an easy-to-implement, affordable solution that supports a wide range of network services

Agni Systems Limited

Providing Internet access since 1995, Agni Systems Limited is an Internet Service Provider and commenced its business operation with the distinct objective of providing Internet and related services at a reasonable cost for the overall economic development of the country. read more


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