Secured Data Connectivity

Secured Data Connectivity (SDC) is a MPLS (Multi-protocol Label Switching) based L2 and L3 VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. It is a comprehensive solution that responds to the needs of today’s dynamic business enterprise. SDC is a highly scalable and secure solution that truly allows you to strengthen all of your applications, end-users and support infrastructure onto a single network. We offer wide range of dedicated Bandwidth options starting from 256 kbps matching with customer requirement.


Bandwidth Wide range of dedicated Bandwidth options starting from 256 kbps
Media Delivered using optical fiber, IP radio, WiMax technology etc.
Suitable For Businesses that need a serious corporate-class service and maximum uptime. Our dedicated connections are more reliable, better performing and more robust than regular high-speed services.

Agni Systems Limited

Providing Internet access since 1995, Agni Systems Limited is a publicly listed nationwide Service Provider company. Our services include business grade voice, data and home braodband.


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