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Enterprise HD IP Phone

Yealink SIP-T26P is an advanced IP phone which designed for maximum productivity and efficiency in the everyday business environment. Yealink HD technology enables rich, clear, life-like voice communications. Built-in 10 DSS keys for programmed as the IP-PBX features like BLF/BLA, intercom, call pickup, hot desking, etc. Six navigation keys and four soft keys help you to use the phone easily. Ten dedicated functional keys provide you with direct access to the functions for audio and call control. Moreover, SIP-T26P has the rich external interfaces including 2xLAN, PoE, headset and expansion module ports, supports 802.1x, Open VPN, etc security standards.


Yealink HD Voice

132x64-pixel graphical LCD

Two-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch

PoE support

Up to 3 SIP accounts

Headset, EHS support

Supports expansion modules

Simple, flexible and secure

Enterprise HD IP Phone

Yealink expands its lineup of IP phones with a new entry-level product SIP-T20P.It is equipped with 2x15 characters LCD, offers 2 VoIP accounts, high-definition voice, broad range of voice codecs, security protection or privacy, rich features including headset, PoE, PnP Auto-provision, and seamlessly work with the leading IP-PBX and soft switch. It allows users to make calls in a simple, convenient and reliable manner and fully meet the requirement in which the basicbusiness features are required. What is more, SIP-T20P is easy to install and inexpensive to start up for corporate office and residential users.


Yealink HD Voice

Dual-port 10/100M Ethernet

PoE support

2x15 characters LCD

Up to 2 SIP accounts

Headset support

Wall mountable

Simple, flexible and secure

IP Video Phone

The Yealink VP530 is a further innovation of our advanced, executive-level IP Video Phone. With integrated audio, video and applications, the VP530 is a very powerful business video phone. Its large display and easy use make it an ideal all-in-one tool for today’s busy business leaders, regardless of where they happen to be. With excellent performance and rich business features, the VP530 offers an all-round, face-to-face network experience that allows users to interact and communicate like never before. Features include:

Integrated intelligent features that make it exceptionally easy to operate

Maximum productivity for managers and executives

Efficient person-to-person contact by video call or video conferencing, leading to lower travel costs and faster decision-making

Easy to install and simple to administer, upgrade and maintain

A reduced carbon footprint with energy-saving PoE for a greener world

Highly customizable and expandable service features


TI DaVinci dual-core chipset, 2M CMOS camera

7” 800x480 digital LCD, Touch screen

HD Voice, full-duplex speakerphone

4 VoIP accounts, 3-way video conferencing

BLF, Intercom, 18 one-touch soft DSS keys

Total directory solution

Door phone application

Call Center Headset

The Yealink YHS32 is our over-the-head style headset made for office workers, SoHo and call-center staff. It is compliant with the full range of Yealink enterprise IP phones and features an attractive design with large ear-pads, a padded T-bar, pliable steel headband and 330 adjustable microphone boom. It is also ultra-light weight at only 50g. This ensures remarkable user comfort, even when worn all day. Its ultra-noise cancelling technology improves excellent voice quality still further. In addition, the Quick Disconnection jack allows users to leave quickly for short breaks, or to switch over easily to other sound equipment. The YHS32 is unique in the market because of its combination of a comfortable user experience, durable lifecycle, superior voice quality and competitive price.





YUltra noise cancelling microphone

Quick disconnection cord

Ultra light weight only 50g

comfortable wearing for all day use

330°rotatable microphone boom

Pliable steel headband, large size ear pad

LCD Expansion Module

The Yealink EXP39 LCD Expansion Module has been designed to improve the power and flexibility of the advanced Yealink IP phones. It features a 160x320 graphic LCD and 20 physical keys, each with a dual-color LED. These show very clearly which function had been selected and make operation very easy. What is more, you can add 20 additional keys via a page switch, bringing the number of programmable keys up to 40. Each programmable key supports functions that include speed dialing, plus BLF/BLA, intercom, call forward/transfer/hold/park/pickup/return. This allows up to six EXP39 units to be daisy-chained together. The Yealink EXP39 is ideal for receptionists, administrative assistants, call center agents, power-users, and executives who need to monitor and manage a large volume of calls on a regular basis. Features include:

A rich visual experience with a 160x320 graphic LCD

20 physical keys, each with a dual-color LED

20 additional keys through page switching

A daisy-chain of up to six modules providing up to 120 keys

Support for BLF/BLA, speed dialing and call pick-ups


Rich visual experience with 160x320 graphic LCD

20 physical keys each with a dual-color LED

20 additional keys through page switch

Daisy-chain 6 modules up to 120 keys

Supports BLF/BLA, speed dialing, call pickup, etc.

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