Legacy PABX Integration with IP telephony

We are providing existing PABX integration with our IP telephony service. In order to use generic PBX with traditional PSTN system we are integrating with IP gateway. We integrate legacy PABX using Voice gateway for small and medium enterprise and meet their IP Telephony services, which help them to reduce their call cost. We have 8-Line FXS & FXO gateway with SIP protocol IP device which allows connecting 8 sets of analog telephone or integration with legacy telephony system to make or receive VoIP call over Internet. This device is suitable for office user through ITSP service provider to install at office or branch office to call between different offices. It also can install at trunk line in front of legacy PABX to migrate digital PBX to IP Telephony call without changing PBX’s dial rule and cable.

Corporate IP PBX solution

We are providing corporate IP PBX solution with carrier grade IPPBX, which simplifies voice communications for all workers in a small office, multiple remote locations, home workers, and workers who are on the road? IPPBX is easy to install, use, and maintain. The embedded system design on IPPBX makes it the most stable system in the industry. Customers will save money on making phone calls because of the low rates. Customers will also save money on infrastructure because IPPBX can be easily integrated into their existing networks. IP PBX Provide such simulating features like:

Caller ID

Call Transfer

Call Forward (Condition and Uncondition)

Call Conference


Call group

Callback & DISA

Real time Call monitoring & reporting & much more.

Leased E1 Service

We are providing Leased E1 service to client using media gateway (Tenor, Asterisk SS7, ISDN PRI) to client. Usually it can be useful for any call center or contact center. & corporate PBX with capability of E1.

Agni Systems Limited

Providing Internet access since 1995, Agni Systems Limited is a publicly listed nationwide Service Provider company. Our services include business grade voice, data and home braodband.


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