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Agni Talk is a free, secure and easy-to-use communication platform which allows you to make unlimited calls and texting via internet no matter wherever you go. With mobile data plan and Wi-Fi connection you can connect any one for FREE.

On top of core communication features such as instant messaging, HD quality voice and video calls, AgniTalk allows you to share photos, documents, voice messages and location individually or within a group.

Other Prominent Features of Agni Talk
Group chat keeps you connected with friends
Block calls and messages from someone you do not like
Mute Notifications & Call Forwarding
Hassle free Top Up & Balance Transfer to any AgniTalk friends
Voice Mail & Call Recording
Download AgniTalk IP Phone app today to enjoy the best call rates in the country.

Are you worried about making a call to someone who doesn’t have the AgniTalk app?

Don’t worry. AgniTalk allows you to make call to any real phones and landlines. Get your own IP phone number without a SIM card and make national and international calls/SMS to any numbers at a very competitive rate.

Agni IP phone


Agni Systems Limited offer IP phone service with high-quality call clarity over secure, fiber-rich network. Choose our affordable and flexible Business Class IP Phone service to stay connected to your customers – whether you’re in the office or away from it.

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Agni IP Telephony service

SIP Trunk/E1 Line
Agni IPTSP offers SIP trunk to connect your PBX to a public telephony network to allow you to make nationwide and international calls. Agni IPTSP also offers E1 connectivity and voice gateway to integrate traditional telephony systems to SIP Trunk. Our main focus is to provide a high quality voice service for customer satisfaction.
Key Features of SIP Trunk:
Corporate IP PBX
A IP PBX is the basic telephonic service of any corporate office. IP PBX is the digitalization of traditional PBX systems. You could connect your multiple offices from different locations under a single roof and can communicate with each other free of tariff. The IP PBX can be installed in a desktop computer or a professional server or a virtual machine. We are here to take care of installation and maintenance of your IP PBX system.
Key Features of IP PBX:
Hosted IP PBX
A hosted IP PBX means the PBX platform hosted in our data center. We did not need to set up a datacenter or any server in your premises. You just need a SIP supported end point like an IP- Phone or Softphone to use the IP PBX telephony facilities over the IX network. It is a cost effective solution for small or mid level organizations.
Key Features of IP PBX:
Call Center Solution
Agni IPTSP provides a professional call center solution to enhance your business. You could promote your products, attend customer calls to provide service and support, and take feedback from customers.
Key Feature of Call Center Solution:
Short Code Parking
Agni IPTSP has been providing short code routing and parking service for a long time. We are here with full support to park your short code including getting short code approval from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) and routing it from all mobile operators.
Toll Free Service
Toll Free Service allows your consumers to communicate with you but without any tariff cost of your consumer. We are here with full support to park your Toll free number including getting Toll free number approval from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) and routing it from all mobile operators.


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